Women Health Check Up : We at M.M. very well knowabout the female body & its requirements, as wellthe signs, symptom presentation of deseases are different,therefore a health check up plan has been devisedkeeping in view the female health in mind. This plan is specially recomanded for 40 plus females.

Medical Examination: Routine (MER), BP, Pulse, Tempt, Ht/Wt 
Laboratory Test : 
Routine Test : CBC, ESR  
Routine: Urine & Stool tests 
Diabetes Test : FBS, PBBS and if Diabetic HbA1c 
Kidney Function Test : Creatinine, Uric Acid  
Lipid Profile : Cholesterol, HDL, Triglycerides + Ratios, LDL Cholesterol & VLDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol Ratio 
Liver Function Test SGPT & Alkaline Phosphate 
Special Test : Serum Calcium 
Test for Heart Disease : Risk Factor Review with ECG  
Digital X-ray : Chest PA View 
Sonography Abdomen Pelvis 
Mamography / Mamoscan 
Consulting and report analysis by 
1 Gynaecologist – with Pap Smear
2.Dietician advice
3. Dentist Consulting


Latest Logic P5 Sono unit from GE9USA)
Digital 3D/4D Sonography Unit

Digital 300 MA X - Ray Generator